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Sculpsure Body Contouring in Picture Rocks, PA

Sculpsure in Picture Rocks, PA

Are you dieting and exercising regularly but still not losing weight? Are stubborn fat patches refusing to disappear no matter how hard you work? Sculpsure non-surgical body contouring may be the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for.

Using FDA-approved laser technology that’s effective on all skin colors, Sculpsure pinpoints your trouble areas and melts fat fast. There’s no anesthesia or recovery time needed, so you can get Sculpsure treatments at your convenience and go back to your day right away.

Annoying fat doesn’t have to disrupt your happiness, health, and quality of life. To speak with a Sculpsure specialist in Picture Rocks today, call us at (570) 354-0420 or contact BNG Aesthetics Skin & Laser Center online.

How Does Sculpsure Work?

Sculpsure is an advanced laser weight loss treatment. Using innovative laser technology, Sculpsure blast fats cells with alternating levels of heat. This disrupts the fat cells, killing them so your body’s natural lymphatic system can safely flush them out of your life.

Modern studies show laser-assisted liposuction works better than liposuction alone, so you can feel confident about Sculpsure and the results you’re expecting.

Sculpsure in Picture Rocks, PA

What Areas Can Sculpsure Treat?

Sculpsure is FDA-approved to melt fat from your abdomen, love handles, back, thighs, and under your chin.

What Happens During My Treatment?

Unlike invasive surgical procedures, Sculpsure treatments are typically fast, painless, and simple.

The first step is discussing your current problem areas and desired outcomes with your doctor. At your appointment, you’ll be seated in a private room in a comfortable reclined position. Your target areas will be marked for pinpoint accuracy.

The Sculpsure device will be wrapped around your target area like a belt. Its applicators contain 1060-nanometer diode lasers capable of heating your fat cells to 116.6 degrees—hot enough to kill fat cells under skin without causing pain or harming other tissues.

You should feel no pain or discomfort during your procedure. Sculpsure uses alternating heating and cooling, applying cool air during key points of your treatment to keep your skin at a comfortable temperature and prevent burns.

Each treatment takes about 25 minutes, so you can relax, read, or even take a nap if you like.

Sculpsure is non-surgical, non-invasive, and requires no anesthesia of any kind. So you can get right back to your usual daily activities without any downtime, recovery time, or hospital stay.

What Results Can I Expect?

Following your treatment, your body will need time to process the dead fat cells through its natural lymphatic system. You may start seeing reduced fat in your targeted area in as early as 6 weeks, but the most noticeable changes will occur within 2-3 months.

Sculpsure works by killing fat cells, so your results will likely be permanent if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Otherwise, you risk regenerating the fat cells Sculpsure destroyed.

Many people achieve their weight loss goals after just one treatment. However, you may require several sessions to achieve your body goals. Speak with your doctor about a customized treatment plan specifically designed for your body type, weight goals, and medical history.

While Sculpsure delivers outstanding results for targeted areas, it’s typically ineffective for whole-body weight loss or dramatic body transformations.

What Are the Risks or Side Effects?

Sculpsure is typically comfortable and well tolerated. Its risks or side effects are typically mild or non-existent.

Some patients may find the heating laser slightly uncomfortable, but heating periods are followed immediately by cooling. You may experience slight tingling or cramping, but this varies from person to person. Slight soreness, skin redness, or swelling may occur but should subside shortly after your treatment.

People with the following medical conditions may not be excellent Sculpsure candidates:

  • pregnancy
  • immune diseases
  • cancer
  • extreme obesity
  • certain severe skin conditions: discuss your skin type and condition with your specialist before getting Sculpsure

Always discuss any medical procedure with your doctor before undergoing treatment.

Reserve Your Appointment Today

In today’s world, unwanted fat doesn’t have to damage your happiness, health, or quality of life. Sculpsure is a highly effective body contouring technology that lets you experience rapid fat loss without the pain, risks, or downtime of invasive surgeries.

If stubborn fat patches are making you self-conscious, Sculpsure might be the solution you’ve been seeking. To learn how Sculpsure can improve your silhouette, call a specialist in Picture Rocks today at (570) 354-0420 or contact BNG Aesthetics Skin & Laser Center online.

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