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Non-Surgical Nose Job in Picture Rocks, PA

Non-Surgical Nose Job Picture Rocks, PA

Your nose defines your face; when the appearance of the nose causes you cosmetic concern—either due to a prominent bump, crookedness or imperfect nose tip—it can be tempting to seek surgical rhinoplasty. However, for those who would like to avoid the invasiveness and higher price tag of a surgical procedure, a non-surgical nose job can offer amazing results.

A non-surgical nose job uses injectable biodegradable fillers—like calcium hydroxyapatite or more often hyaluronic acid gel—to address minor nose deformities; even a large nose can be shaped to appear smaller with these techniques.

If you are not a good candidate for traditional rhinoplasty surgery, want to try out a reversible nose job before committing to permanent changes, or are seeking a more affordable solution, consult with a healthcare provider in Picture Rocks who specializes in non-surgical nose correction procedures. Call (570) 354-0420 or contact BNG Aesthetics Skin & Laser Center online.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

If you have a bump on the bridge of your nose, filler can create the illusion of a perfectly straight nose. If you have a droopy tip, the filler can lift it up. Filler can also correct a sharp angle on slightly crooked noses.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty is an ideal alternative to traditional surgical rhinoplasty for people who:

  • Are not good candidates for surgery
  • Want to try out the new look before committing to permanent alterations to the nose
  • Are looking for a more affordable option to surgery
  • Have minor nose deformities which are of cosmetic concern and not affecting the function of the nose

However, noses that are extremely crooked, bumps that are extremely large, noses that are too big with skin that is too thick are not good candidates for non-surgical nose jobs due to the extensiveness of the deformity. In addition, a non-surgical rhinoplasty is not recommended for people who:

  • Have allergies to the substances used in manufacturing the filler material
  • Are prone to excessive or thick scarring
  • Have inflamed or infected skin on or around your nose
  • Have a bleeding disorder
  • Have a history of anaphylaxis (acute allergic reaction)
  • Are allergic to lidocaine (which is often combined with fillers during injection)
  • Have specific diseases involving your nasal region
  • Have a broken nose
  • Have breathing problems that need to be corrected (only surgical rhinoplasty can address breathing problems)

What to Expect from Your Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure

Because noses come in different sizes and shapes, there are a variety of approaches that may be used to modify the appearance of your nose. You should discuss your expectations with your healthcare provider to determine whether you are a good candidate for injection rhinoplasty.

Prior to your non-surgical nose job, a full medical history and physical examination will be necessary to rule out issues which would make the injection rhinoplasty unsafe for you. If you are deemed a good candidate, your nose and surrounding area will be numbed with a topical anesthetic prior to injection. The filler will be injected in the places on your nose that need to be filled in. If you have a prominent bump on the bridge of your nose, the filler will be injected around the bump and shaped to create a smooth perfect bridge.

Typically billed as a lunchtime procedure, you can return to normal activity immediately following the procedure. For a week or so, you may have some redness or bruising, but you can talk to your healthcare provider about techniques and treatments to reduce its appearance.

With any medical cosmetic procedure, there are risks. Non-surgical nose job side effects include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection
  • Shifting of filler material to a different part of the face
  • Unintentional injection into the bloodstream in the face, which can result in vision impairment, blindness, stroke and damage and/or death of the skin (necrosis) and underlying facial structures

Non-Surgical Nose Job: How Long Does it Last?

Cosmetic fillers are normally temporary, lasting from a few months to a couple of years before dissolving and being reabsorbed into your body. Most people seeking non-invasive options to correct their nose shape or size start with a temporary filler to see if they like the changes. The procedure can be repeated using a more permanent filler that will last for many years; however, more permanent fillers usually require multiple procedures.

If you seek a non-invasive procedure to correct your nose shape, injectable fillers may be a solution worth considering. To schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider in Picture Rocks who can discuss your surgical and non-surgical options with you, call (570) 354-0420 or contact BNG Aesthetics Skin & Laser Center online.

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