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Infrared Cellulite Treatment in Bristol, VA

Cellulite Treatment in Bristol, VA

Cellulite can be one of the hardest physical flaws to get rid of. Its dimpled appearance can show up regardless of how much you exercise or diet. For decades, the only solutions for getting rid of cellulite involved ineffective creams or invasive surgical procedures. In recent years, however, advances in infrared technologies have offered a bright spot in the fight against cellulite.

Not only is infrared cellulite treatment non-invasive, but there is absolutely no recovery time after the treatment. The infrared cellulite reduction process is almost entirely pain-free, with most clients describing it as feeling similar to a "warm deep tissue massage."

Improvements can typically be seen after only a single half hour treatment, with lasting results evident after four to six sessions. Over 3.5 million infrared cellulite reduction treatments performed worldwide have proven its effectiveness. Today, over 10,000 new patients discover infrared cellulite reduction every day.

What can Infrared Cellulite Reduction do for you?

Cellulite Reduction in Bristol, VA

Doctors have raved about the wonders of infrared cellulite reduction on a plethora of media outlets. It has been featured on Dr. Phil and The View, and some devices such as the VelaShape II by Syneron have been already cleared by the FDA.

The main goal of infrared cellulite reduction is to reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite or lumpy skin, replacing it with a smooth and youthful skin surface.

There are other benefits of infrared cellulite reduction:

  • Clients have reported an average of 1 inch total lost from their waistline and other problem areas. Some have even lost up to 3 inches.
  • Infrared cellulite treatment contours the body by eliminating unwanted lumps, bumps, and bulges to reveal your beautiful form beneath.

What causes cellulite to form?

Factors that cause cellulite productions are in most cases outside of your control.

The body's natural hormones such as estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin play a role in creating cellulite.

Some of the genes you inherit, such as an underproductive circulatory system, slow metabolism, or the way your body stores fat beneath the skin, can create the unwelcome dimples in your skin.

How does Infrared Cellulite Treatment work?

  • Infrared light is focused onto the problem areas where it is absorbed into the skin as heat.
  • The heat increases the natural metabolism of adipose tissues (fat cells), breaking them down through lipolysis, and shrinking the fat chambers.
  • Some infrared devices complement the focused light by additionally blasting fat tissues with bi-polar radio frequencies.
  • Certain machines also incorporate vacuum suction and mechanical rollers to stimulate the skin as it is immersed in IR and RF frequencies.
  • This mechanical manipulation improves circulation and lymphatic drainage to help the body naturally dispose of the metabolized fat cells.
  • The combination of all four techniques tightens collagen, leaving skin surfaces smooth and taut.
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