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Reticular Vein Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Reticular Vein Treatment in Atlanta, GA

What are Reticular Veins?

Reticular veins, also known as feeder veins, are the more subdued brother of varicose veins , and actually contribute to the formation of the little sister of the trio, spider veins by feeding them. Sitting just below the surface of the skin, reticular veins form a blue line that can sometimes be unsightly; for this reason, many women and men want them removed.

Differences between Reticular & Varicose Veins

The key difference between a reticular vein and varicose vein is that a reticular vein is straight whereas a varicose vein is not. A varicose vein is formed when the blood-flow through a reticular vein reverses, causing the vein to twist and turn. Varicose veins can sometimes appear to sit on-top of the skin, where the skin directly over a reticular vein remains smooth to the touch.

There is also no pain associated with reticular veins are there is sometimes reported with severe cases of varicose veins. Despite the pain free nature, removal is still an option, one that many people choose to do each year.

How are Reticular Veins Treated?

Believe it or not—due to advancements—vein treatment can be done on an outpatient basis in as little as an hour. Depending upon the severity of the vein, one of two options are used:

The first option is Sclerotherapy; this non-invasive procedure involves injecting a solution into the vein that eventually causes it to collapse on itself and dissolve back into the body. While this may sound scary, blood flow to the extremities is left unaffected as the blood simply re-routes to another vein, like a detour when there is road construction. 

The second option is Microphlebectomy; a minimally invasive procedure in which two small incisions (no longer than a quarter of an inch) are made on either end of the troublesome reticular vein. The vein is then cut at either end and removed through one of the small holes. The cuts are typically secured with a butterfly stitch, a small adhesive tape, and left to heal. The procedure is typically performed under mild sedation or local anesthesia.

If you've been putting off wearing shorts, revealing clothing or even a bathing suit due to embarrassing, unsightly reticular veins, reticular vein treatment by a trained and qualified outpatient practice might be the answer for you.

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