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Sciton Halo Treatment in Noblesville, IN

Sciton Halo Treatment in Noblesville, IN

Sunspots, fine lines, and dull skin are common skin conditions caused by sun, age and environmental exposures. The Sciton Halo treatment is a fractional laser used to treat these problems. The Sciton Halo treatment uses two different lasers to target the top layer of skin (the epidermis) and more deeply (the dermis) to reveal newer, fresher skin.

The Sciton Halo treatment can help reduce:

To learn more about Sciton Halo treatment, please call (317) 900-4440 or contact Dr. Michele Zormeier online.

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How Does The Sciton Halo Treatment Work?

The Sciton Halo treatment uses a hybrid laser to renew the skin.

The first laser is ablative. Ablative lasers have been used for years and are considered one of the most effective skin resurfacing lasers. Ablative lasers remove the top layers of skin and trigger collagen production. This leads to more youthful skin but does have some down-time. Healing after an ablative laser treatment usually takes a week or two. Redness and peeling are common side effects.

The second laser is non-ablative. Non-ablative lasers work more deeply by heating the skin. Non-ablative lasers are a popular choice for patients who need to return to work or other tasks without downtime as the lasers do not remove the top layers of the skin. These lasers usually require several treatments to produce results.

The Halo blends the best of each of these lasers into one treatment as one laser targets the deeper layers of your skin to rejuvenate collagen production but leaves the top layer of skin intact.

What To Expect During A Sciton Halo Treatment?

Treatments take 2-2 ½ hours start to finish. A numbing cream is applied to the skin and given time to work. This takes about an hour, and the laser treatment itself takes 30-45 minutes. After the treatment, a fan and light mineral water mist are used to cool your skin. Lasers generate a significant amount of heat, so it's normal for your skin to feel very warm after the procedure.

You can expect some redness, heat, and swelling of the skin in the days following the procedure, but nothing that will keep you from returning to your normal activities. Five to seven days after treatment you can expect your skin to peel. This is a normal and expected part of the process. Remember to wear sunscreen during the entire process and for at least three months after the Sciton Halo treatment.

Halo treatments can be completed as many times as needed to produce the desired results.

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To find out more about Sciton Halo treatment, please call (317) 900-4440 or contact Dr. Michele Zormeier online.

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