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Microblading in Lincoln Park, NJ

What Is Microblading?

Microblading Clinic Lincoln Park, NJ

The days of tweezing eyebrow hairs until only a thin line remains—basically all of the 90s—is over, thankfully. In its place, we are left with the latest beauty trend: beautiful, full eyebrows which help to shape and define the face. However, not everyone is genetically endowed with bold, thick eyebrows, and years of over-plucking can prevent new hairs from growing.

Instead of having brow envy, a new, semi-permanent aesthetic treatment is giving both men and women the eyebrows they have long desired—it's called microblading, or eyebrow embroidery. Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing which utilizes several fine blades to deposit pigment into the epidermis using hair-like strokes. With no downtime and natural-looking results which can last as long as 18-24 months, it has quickly become one of the most highly requested treatments among all aesthetic services.

However, it is important to only seek microblading from a trained and experienced professional who can conduct the procedure in a safe and hygienic environment. To schedule a consultation with an eyebrow microblading specialist in Lincoln Park, call (973) 777-3711 or contact Dr. Maged Boutros online.

Preparing for Your Eyebrow Microblading

To properly prepare for your microblading service, it is important to refrain from the following activities to ensure your skin and eyebrows are at their healthiest for microblading:

  • Working out the day of your treatment
  • Drinking or consuming anything with caffeine the day of your procedure
  • Drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to microblading
  • Taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, omega-3 fish oil or niacin 24 hours prior to microblading
  • Receiving aesthetic treatments including BOTOX®, dermal fillers, laser therapy, dermabrasions and chemical peels 2-4 weeks prior to your treatment
  • Waxing, tweezing, threading or tanning 3-4 days prior to microblading
  • Using skincare products with vitamin A (retinol) up to 1 month leading up to your microblading

What to Expect During Your Microblading Eyebrow Procedure

Your microblading treatment will begin with a consultation with a microblading specialist. During this consultation you will discuss your desired shape and fullness. Your eyebrow specialist will recommend shapes which best flatter your face and discuss the healing process and intended results.

Once a shape is determined, significant time is spent drawing the shape of your new eyebrows with a pencil, and adjustments are made as necessary before microblading begins. Then, a topical anesthetic is applied to the brow area to minimize pain and discomfort.

When the area is properly numbed, your microblading artist will use a hand-held tool which looks similar to an X-Acto knife; however, instead of a single blade, the microblading tool has several micro needles which are used to create the individual eyebrow hair strokes. The tool is dipped into a pigment which matches your desired eyebrow color and the micro needles make fine cuts in the skin to deposit the pigment.

The entire procedure, from consultation to the actual micropigmentation, can take several hours.

Microblading Healing Process

There is no downtime required after your microblading session. You may feel slight discomfort over the next few days and there may be some redness and swelling. Following aftercare instructions is imperative to prevent pigment loss, discoloration and a potential infection. More complete instructions will be given to you at the time of your appointment, but in general, as part of the microblading healing process, it is important to:

  • Refrain from working out/excessive sweating for one week
  • Avoid getting the brow area wet while washing face or showering for one week
  • Avoid tanning beds and excessive sun exposure for up to two weeks
  • Avoid makeup application and the use of creams with retinol or glycolic acid to the brow area
  • Apply post-care appointment to the eyebrows as directed

Skin peeling is normal during your recovery; avoid rubbing and picking the area. The entire healing process will take up to 4-6 weeks.

Your eyebrows will appear darker immediately following microblading but will fade significantly over a 2-4 week period. A touchup will likely be recommended within the first 30-60 days and is included in the price of the procedure.

Lincoln Park Microblading

Almost everyone is a good candidate for microblading; your microblading specialist will ensure there are no pre-existing conditions which may interfere with a successful microblading session such as cancer, diabetes, bleeding disorders (such as hemophilia) or any circulatory disorders.

Microblading has the power to completely transform your look! Ditch the powder, pencils, stencils and gels once and for all; schedule an appointment with a microblading specialist today. Call (973) 777-3711 or contact Dr. Maged Boutros online.

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