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Stasis Ulcer Treatment in Hurst, TX

Stasis Ulcer Treatment in Hurst, TX

A Stasis Ulcer or Venous Ulcer is an open wound that forms on the lower leg due to a pooling of blood. The blood pools because veins in the lower leg are not functioning properly, like a leaking garden hose, this is known as venous insufficiency.

What are the Symptoms of Stasis Ulcers?

Venous insufficiency has been reported to affect approximately 500,000 Americans, the majority of which are women. This can present in a number of ways varicose veins, stasis dermatitis and eventually stasis ulcers.

Stasis dermatitis is typically the early stages of the condition which can lead to the eventual formation of a stasis ulcer.  Stasis dermatitis presents with a number of symptoms:

  • Itch
  • Rough patch
  • Thick skin
  • Red skin
  • Alligator like texture to the skin on the lower leg
  • A heavy feeling or dull ache in the legs

If these symptoms are left unchecked, a stasis ulcer can form. The ulcer itself is an open skin wound, bleeding is common as well as pain, and a scab may also be visible.  The affected area may also present with hard lumps and/or be tender to the touch.

What are the treatments options if I have Dermatitis or an Ulcer?

If the ulcer appears manageable, several self-care options are recommended:

  • Keep the area clean
  • Apply a protective layer of petroleum jelly over the Ulcer and apply gauze.
  • Do not use adhesive bandages or tapes as these may irritate the wound.
  • Do not use any non-prescription topical ointments or creams, those who present with an ulcer—in many cases—develop an allergy to such medications. 

Please see a trained medical professional if you experience pain, swelling, a spreading red discoloration of the skin, if a fever is present, or the ulcer doesn't heal in a about a week. 

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