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Babydoll Lashes Lash Lift in Caldwell, NJ

Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift in Caldwell, NJ

For some women, the morning beauty routine includes shaping their eyelashes. This can mean curling several times and using multiple coats of mascara to lengthen the lashes, creating a bigger, more eye-opening appearance.

If you want to spend less time in front of the mirror each morning, you can consider a lash lift from Babydoll® Lashes. A lash lift — also called a lash perm in some cases — uses a chemical treatment to curl the lashes up and out. This effect lasts as long two months, depending on the life cycle of your eyelashes.

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How does the Babydoll® Lashes Lash Lift Work?

Your Babydoll lash lift should only be performed by a trained cosmetologist or aesthetician. The process takes up to an hour to complete and is completely painless.

To start, your Babydoll professional will apply small, rounded silicone pads below your lower lash line and above your upper lashes. Your eyes will be closed, and your lashes will be lifted and curled up and around (or down and over). The silicone pads are held in place with glue.

Next, a series of chemicals will be applied to the eyelashes and your eyes will be covered with small cotton pads and a bit of plastic wrap until the chemicals process. It's much like a perm for your hair.

Once the process is complete, your professional will clean away any chemicals and apply a lash tint to give the lashes a lasting darker appearance. Depending on the size of the pad used, you can choose a slightly curved natural look or a more dramatic, very curled appearance.

You should avoid exposing your lashes to steam (like in the shower) for 24 hours after the procedure. If you have been using a lash growth product, you will need to wait 48 hours to use it again. Mascara can be used immediately.

Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift Before & After Photos

Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift in Caldwell, NJ

Before & After pictures are provided by the product manufacturer. Results may not occur for all patients.

Babydoll® Lashes Lash Lift Cost

The cost of your lash lift will vary, depending on the provider and your individual needs. Most sessions will cost between $100 and $150. If you like the look of your lash lift, you will need to repeat the process every 6-7 weeks.

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